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Get On The Fly

The biggest thing that stops people from trying relaxation techniques is: “Hey, I don’t have 30 minutes to meditate.”  So let’s break that down: the only way to relax is through meditation, most people assume. But that assumption is false.

On-the-fly relaxation techniques are numerous, and in most ways, more effective than one or two meditation sessions per day. These regular world techniques are totally portable, invisible to others, and simple to work in.

Deep Breathing – Four or five cycles of breathing in, down to the belly and out really takes the edge off.

Sensory Mindfulness – Tune gently away from your thoughts and feelings and listen to the sounds around you for a few seconds. Next touch any surface in front of you (e.g. a keyboard, your sleeve, a coffee mug, a pen) and just note the feeling on your finger tips. Repeat for 30 seconds or up to a few minutes. Hey, don’t tell anyone, but you have just preformed a meditation practice.

Calming Imagery – Bring to your mind’s eye your last vacation (if it was a good time), or a favorite pet, or anything else that strikes you as calming (you also can do this with your eyes open). Hold onto the image or make it more vivid for a minute or two. Feel the greater calm.

No cross-legged position required for any of these. No seclusion necessary. Invisible to everyone else but you know what really is going on. You are de-stressing, when you need it, within your regular life, all on the fly.


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